i am happy

that so many people feel optimistic over barack obama. I am not going to down them for that. I think it helps people to feel they are involved in something new and good. I am just going to keep my opinions to myself right now. It does me no good to be seen as a negative. I hope I catch the positive barack obama feeling too! I am not going to contribute any longer to the tearing apart of the democrat party in any way. I will support the democrat candidate whoever that is, and I will only speak of the terrible mess the republicans in government have made of this country and of the world. Everything is their fault…global warming, war, starvation and suffering in a thousand shades over this planet. They chose greed over the common good thousands of times and they did it while hawking Christ. The hell that they deserve doesn’t even exist. The shame they have brought upon America is unforgivable. Both Romney and Mccain have made their fortunes on selling our jobs and arming our enemies.