i will now

allow everyone to voice their opinions on the election here, even if I don’t agree with their views. I will not tolerate sexism or racism here though! Anyway, here’s a recipe for the fried potatoes i make every morning for J and Buck: I bake it in the microwave the night before, then melt butter, and sautee garlic onions and green peppers in that and add a little virgin olive oil, then i cut the potatoes up and add them to the big old skillet. I use garlic pepper, greek seasonings, sweet paprika and white pepper plus a shot of Bragg’s liquid amino acid…turn turn cook cook… add over medium fried egg on top. Then Buck drowns it all in five pounds of ketchup, but it is very very good!!! cole slaw dressing: half cup best foods mayo, quarter cup sugar eighth cup white vinegar…use a little over cut cabbage. barb q sauce: add cherry coke and molasses to regular recipes for it! Parmesan cheese hunks and greek olives with red wine and homemade tomato soup.