johnny's thoughts:

New World Odor
Close to home: Arnold S. sweet-talked the voters
about how he would take California to the promised
land but now he says he has to cut money to schools,
old people, parks and all the rest. We already have
half the Latino kids dropping out of high school and
the prisons are bulging. But even the damaged goods
from a failed economy serve their purpose:you can see where the
future soldiers and prisoners and gang members (who
keep the hopeless masses in the inner cities scared
and marginilized) will be coming from, can’t you?
In the big picture: Could it be any more obvious
that Bush has to demonize a third-rate military
power like Iran so that he can sell weapons of mass
destruction to the Israelis at one end of the Middle
East and Arabs at the other end? It’s almost comical
… almost. Stay tuned…