johnny's final thought…"for now"

I said I’d be back with good news or at least a rational, positive perspective. I don’t just scorn and condemn, although it IS kind of liberating and justifiable. But, like they say, “Any jackass can kick down a barn…it takes a carpenter to build one.” So, here’s how I’m seeing it:
We have to shitcan feelings of helplessness or unrelieved negativity. I’m hardly an optimist but I’m not going to borrow a bunch of pre-gloom and fear from the future OR drag my ass back to smell crap from the past. Re-take and hang on to the real estate between your ears, now. Shouldn’t we check our prejudices, beliefs, grudges and opinions at the door, now and then, and recognize and respect some real facts about being here, in the present? At the least, we can probably all do something, today, to make our lives and/or somebody else’s better and less bleak.
If circumstances feel like they’ve got you in concrete…get out the jackhammer. If you can’t afford a jackhammer get out a mallet and chisel. Everything that isn’t negative is positive. We have to require and trash a little less – and nurture and learn a little more – about everything.
Ralph Waldo Emerson said “The stronger the State –the weaker the individual.”
He was also pointing to the fact that the opposite is true. It’s not just political; it works on every level. It’s worth thinking about, don’t you think?