johnny says:

The Presidential campaigns and the election process, in general, are a sadly laughable fraud and a scam. So, it all fits in comfortably with our other rotted, whored-out institutions like organized Religion. The only things we know are the things that corporate media tell us, and everything they “report” is slanted and spun in the funhouse mirror of propaganda that passes for information in this country. Two years before the election they tell voters who the “front-runners” are and which candidates shouldn’t even bother. I watched radio personality and Fascist tranny-from-Hell Laura Ingraham last night “informing” us that John Edwards, for example, should forget about it and just try for a Cabinet post. The really sick part? You’re forced to participate in it all or you’re labelled un-patriotic. It’s the same way they use our tax dollars to slash and burn other places they want to rape and own and then insist we “support” the whole bloody, wasteful mess. If we look away from it all for a minute, there’s The Super Bowl, Britney Spears and all the other glamorous celebrity geeks with their drug “problems” and McMarriages to gawk at. Thank Gawd we have gushing fountains of brilliance like big fat weight loss expert, and judgemental, fake Dr. from Hell, Phil to make sense of it all for us at the end of the day.
Should we feel hopeless in the face of this sick charade? Hell no! As soon as I go throw up I’ll be back with some good news.