I like Obama too!

I like Hilary for the discussions about sexism that come up now. I like Barak Obama for the way the subject of race just appears. These two things form two of the four pedestals upon which the foundation of America rests. The other one is Class, which I allow two pedestals, since it is the biggest subject in the world, now then and forever into the future. Alot of people who are white will vote for Obama and turn their backs on the black children in the inner cities of America, and on the still suffering victims of Katrina.
That is because of Class, not race and not gender. Class erases Race, and Class erases Gender. But within the race or gender itself, there will still be class divisions. Within the Class, seperation occurs first by gender, and race second. Each ranking will ultimately be about class. Like Chris Rock’s saying there are good black people and bad black people, and the bad ones are the uneducated illiterate ones, the good are the middle class ones…(I was appalled at him for saying these things, by the way, but I find that the subject of class never even enters into people’s minds at all in this country, despite the fact that everything is about economics here) ! That was a statement about class, not race. Obama is about class and not race too. He needs to start talking about class if he wants my vote.