the sad facts:

we attacked a country who did nothing to us, and we continue to war against them despite the fact that they have NO ARMY!!!
People are still trying to spin this immoral war and make it sound like its not immoral, but freedom on the march. I fear for their souls.
There are millions of refugees flooding the middle east right now from iraq…and over one million lives have been lost and destroyed in this war… iraqi and american…the united states’ army is being bled on purpose so that private business can hire international soldiers by siphoning off the american people’s public tax money…taxing the people for war, and then with that money, building “Blackwater Inc”, (division of halliburton and carlysle..bushcheyneputin enterprises) which is an army in itself, but NOT ON BEHALF OF AMERICA, INSTEAD ON BEHALF OF THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION, WHICH IS YOUR NEW COUNTRY.
Our workers are expendible because they have purposely been uneducated and unskilled for the world’s job market today. They make good soldiers because they are given socialized medicine and a paycheck. this is what they really fight for: socialized medicine. The indian and the arab and the chinese have been trained for the internet and hand made products, trained with your tax money! Your friends and your kids are dying for a one world government, not for freedom at all! Your new country that you are paying for prefers to pay less than you want to work for, and you will soon have no choices left at all, and no disposable income, and no grants for college, and no way to get a mortgage.
The middle class went down easy for some cheap slogans telling them they were number one. The cowboy symbol of america was dressed in drag, and made over into a painted whore.
wake up and hear the word of the most high ONE, friend! the most high ONE has given you fact, and the ability to decipher it, don’t be tricked into becoming a pawn of the dark one’s vast army of deception.
God is the freedom of the mind to decipher and hear truth. To step out of the effect of childhood ritual abuse and cult programming into the dawn of correct action!
( correct thought brings correct action. correct action brings peace. incorrect action brings death in the iching).
Socialized medicine, and free public education will be available to the american tax payer ONLY after every illegal immigrant and every member of the armed forces gets it first. This is so the disposable income in the hands of the middle class can be bled off and pocketed by the war machine first. welcome to soviet chi-merica.
blessed be.