to sandy

i am writing you a part in my shitcom. seeing crispin glovers film this weekend. He is a generation’s worth of genious in my opining moment. sarah and laura silverman are a new york blast to hang out with, and that jimmy kimmel is really sweet too. I think I will write sarah a part as sandys daughter. Going out to parties will not be so scarey now that i learned about the klonopin wafer. I heard about britney’s friend osama…don’t mess with him! Britney, you need to quit drinkin hon, and smoke some pot instead girl!! white people smoke it too these days, despite what your mom tells you! britneys mom is the worst mother ever on writing a book and getting more money off her baby!!! I am now officially meeting people who want to meet with me. God, have i no soul to be traipsing around hollywood meeting producers and other trash like that? i liked hanging out with internet artists and comics a lot.