The feminist/socialist becomes the candidate to beat. The other side will throw in a big daddy like handsome mitt romney and we will watch as the last hopes of america go down in flames. The women of the right have been totally bought off and silenced into praying for the unborn. They will feel that G-d is asking them to choose between saving the most helpless of all creatures, the newly born zygote, the ultimate preemie. They will vote with great hope prayers might and enthusiasm for the candidate who is not for abortion, which will be of course mitt.
Abortion approval means death. For Hilary, to be a feminist and support the right to abortion, is required by the left. She cannot win. Let it go. Obama cannot win either, Oprah’s viewers are white. Would white people elect a black man? The noose is reappearing all over the place as a symbol to answer that question. No one can win without southern labor’s backing.
Labor needs to draft gore. Gore is not going to run, but will “serve” if drafted. For once, the guy with the biggest messianic complex in the world is actually in truth the messiah.
gore edwards 08…( they already won, let’s allow them to serve).