2007 August

27 Aug: Knob Gobbler…

Another mormon republican senator (idaho) backer of romney arrested for bad bathroom habits…tapping his foot in the stall to signal readiness to gobble a knob. knob gobblers say “STAY THE COURSE, DO NOT WITHDRAW! Women who abort are murderers, and no new taxes on inheritance and NO GAY MARRIAGE!”…gag-choke-swallow.… Keep on reading

27 Aug: The Resignations Continue….

I predicted here… gonzales, rove then cheney, then bush…rove went first, then gonzales… next cheney, as he will be subpoenaed next, and will run for the hills so bush can pardon him later. I would like to see cheney personally return at least one of his five finger discounted billions to fund about ten thousand new schools and hospitals.… Keep on reading