Grey Gardens….

I saw “Grey Gardens” in NYC.. It was an incredible play, great in every aspect, writing, design, story, music.
I just wanted to write a bit of a fan letter here to Christine Ebersol, who was astounding as an actor, and gifted with a voice that is breathtaking. I have really never seen better!
I hear the show is closing, and that is a blight upon new york and the theater itself, if true…this play is not to be missed by any with any taste, decorum, decency and thoughts of geometry, art or soul. New York theater is not for tourists! Where are the ny illuminati and what drugs have they taken to allow themselves to not support a great great actress and play like this?
The jewish women who have apparently forgotten why they live in the city to begin with, must wake up…save this play! It will not speak well of you jews there, if not, I swear…Lizz Winstead is doing a show in NYC… go see it ..Lizz created the Daily Show, and I am so excited to see her new one!