An Email From Lisa Gregory….

Roseanne Conner may have been a plainspoken housewife but are you not aware of what a difference she made in so many downtrodden females?
I was in the depths of a physically and mentally abusive marriage when the show first started. I was stereotypical I told no one because of threats by him to harm my entire family even though my Father was a high ranking Police Officer.
Watching your show made me realize that there was life beyond my front door where men actually loved women no matter what (I was very overweight which was a major abusive point for him his nickname for me was hoghead). That a woman could speak her mind without flinching after, knowing a blow to the head was coming. I watched as she evolved and changed and as she did she became even stronger making her way through all kinds of adversity and through it all raising a family that knew they were loved and valued as the people they were. She is one of the reasons I got the strength to leave my ex-husband and raise my 2 girls on my own until I met my current husband. I went from welfare to financially supporting them without any help. So your Plainspoken Housewife Character made a huge difference we heard her voice as she screamed I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take it anymore and said neither am I! So you have helped people, probably more than you will ever know and still continue to today. So keep it up we are listening.
Happy Independence Day!!!!
Lisa Gregory