2007 July

30 Jul: My Nut Farm….

Farming is going really well, and so is the ocean and the rainforest… I have a family of pigpeople on my land….and turkeypeople too! They are human beings too I have decided, after reading kaballah where it says any with a spinal column are human….so now I am vegan.
I am with the Goddess Pele, and feeling that I can be happy and grounded here in hawaii, to raise macademia nuts, goats for cheese and support local artists and musicians…there are many many hippies here who have apparently read my kaballah things over the years, and one of them invited me to start teaching a circle of folks here…I love the idea of native people learning kaballistic meditation, and hope it will help them to reclaim their native lands here, which they are very involved in doing…meditation will help them to do that.… Keep on reading

28 Jul: What's in the Future for Rove's Gang…

A few weeks ago I posted here about a time coming when someone dead would be brought back to life, and it would be proved scientifically…yesterday the cover of time or Newsweek had a story of a man brought back from the dead. Sometimes my seeing into the future is proven correct, and sometimes not…
I see Gonzales, then rove then cheney and then bush going down very very quickly after the next pat tillman story (the true one) comes out and the blame is laid on rove, who is the weak link in every single white house scandal, as well as its author and agent…rove you have been exposed for the pissy little queen that you are, and you will be removed, as will all your criminal cohorts, and very soon too!… Keep on reading