Today's Comment on Yesterdays News

In the trades today was an article about how I am off the radio after only three months at KCAA, and I wish to clear up that false and misleading story.
I only signed up for fourteen weeks, at KCAA in order to facilitate making a demo reel, and practicing being a talk show hostess. I never intended to stay with kcaa, and I quit when my contract was finished.
This story is untrue and unfair. I always intended to take a break, and though kcaa wanted me to move to the two hour morning spot on June 18, I decided instead to assemble my demo reel, and will be ready to go bigger than ten thousand watts at KCAA. The reel and I will be available and ready to go to work in September.
I have proven to myself, and any doubters that I can work long and hard, as well as smart and have compiled 65 excellent hour long shows, which I worked on while simultaneously doing 76 shows nightly for those same 14 weeks at NYNY hotel and casino in Las Vegas.
I proved to myself and to anyone who doubted my ability to focus and deliver that I have what it takes and that my word is gold. Soon, everyone will discover how absolutely timely and right on my vision for talk radio is.
The reel I am compiling is quite impressive, and I say humbly, better than any other show on the radio right now. I also will proudly present John Argent, my discovery, as a great radio commentator, great voice talent, and life partner. My son Jake, 29, is also quite a great discovery as a youthful generation Y commentator on the show, as is my excellent stable of new radio comedians that I showcased on these practice shows.
With the right people behind me, I have it in me to be hugely successful one more time. It would be quite a mistake to count me out at this point.