Rosie O'Donnell…..

Rosie O’Donnell is a brave and loving woman who seeks a better world for all. I am proud of her and I agree that Elizabeth failed to come to her support, because Elizabeth supports bush and the war, and also thinks rosie called our troops terrorists. Our troops are NOT TERRORISTS, THEY ARE HOSTAGES TO/FOR THE BUSH FAMILY AND THEIR RICH OIL FRIENDS AROUND THE WORLD. THE TROOPS ARE CAPTIVE AND BEING TORTURED AND KILLED SO THAT BUSH/CHENEY CAN MAKE MORE MONEY. THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF IS A TERRORIST!!! BRING THE TROOPS HOME!!!!! They are working class americans!!!! dj connor would be one of them! After the repubs sold out all their jobs and high schools, hospitals, and college educations they have no choice but to join the service, where they are not treated well and not respected and not valued as they should be!!! They know this and are begging to be heard…they do not like being shot at while unprotected and unarmed. My god, the cowardice of pelosi and reid is staggering. They are traitors to the troops!!!!! WORSE THAN BUSH!!!!!!!!