Jerry Falwell…..

a pasty little chubby know it all is largely the reason our country has no jobs, no health care, an unwinnable war on Islam, high gas prices, no public schools, and crumbling infrastructure of every kind.
His legacy of hatred, absence of compassion, hatred of fact and science, and dishonesty in the name of God allowed him to enrich himself in a way that would make Lynn Cheney proud.
It seemed to me that he always wished he was Tammy Faye Messner, and was overcome with envy of her ability to raise funds to build Heritage USA. It has been said before that he helped himself to her entire life’s work by setting up her weak husband Jim Bakker, in a sexual scandal that was all in order to co-opt and reverse what she tried to do on behalf of gay christians.
Tammy Faye is and was a real Christian, who has actually made amends for things that Falwell caused. Like many christian pretenders, he never acknowledged his own sins, or faults, but like the greedy hog that he was, consumed and swallowed everything in his path while condemning everyone around him. Satan is proud of his boy, and happy to have him back home again.