Phoebe Snow

Phoebe Snow is a great artist and a great human being and a great great mother. If anyone can reach her tell her I want to talk to her and to reach me here! Her daughter Valerie Rose has died, and I want her to know I am sending her my laser-mind-energy-greengoddess recipe for meditation and healing: Your daughter was a channel that touched me deeply on meeting her. As are you. My great sympathies are with you at this time!….Phoebe Snow’s voice is multi racial multicultural and sephardic as egypt. Her singing the theme to my show was the crowning glory on all my girlhood hopes and dreams while dreaming/imagining ‘THE ROSEANNE SHOW’.
The roseanne show, I thought at age 12 (the year my life began) would be a show that showed the awesome tender horror of a multi gallactic being imprisoned on earth to gather information for unseen masters on high who puppet master the cosmos and their will is what invented me, and keeps me batteried.