The Right to be Wrong

I said I was sick of divisiveness, and of gays only talking about gay issues, and not anything other than that.
The gays are under assault, and I meant to say we are all needing to ban together against those who are at the top. It was my hope to unite people, and not divide people. I want to see everybody who is oppressed band together against our common oppressor. I support gay rights and always have, because I have two gay siblings, and have seen them assaulted, maligned and in fear of safety.
I am just so against people staying in their small divided groups, and never uniting with other people who are in similar peril. It’s hard to make a point when there is heated discussion going on. Maybe I should use one day a week to apologize to all whom I have offended, and give them the chance to graciously forgive me. This is what we could all do to make the world better. Do not write your friends off when they make mistakes. However, do not be afraid to end friendships with people who want to remain in conflict with you.
Some folks need to be pissed off at someone all the time. It fuels them. As I have said before, negative energy is the common fuel of everyone. It is uncommon to get energy from positive, and that takes meditation and action. Even then, one is not perfect, as I have shown.
I hope I will continue to have the right to be wrong, and then to correct my mistakes. If I do not have that right, then neither do you or anyone else, and that is the definition of freedom I think.. the right to be wrong… think about it.