I should be judged by the things I do NOT apologize for. Most people did not even listen to my radio show, and just reacted off of the transcript of one part of it.
My guest was a black gay woman and we were discussing racism in the gay community itself. The fact is, I have worked in issues of social progress all of my life, and everywhere I went, there were righteous gay people involved, if not leading these programs themselves.
Gays are under attack in this country because separatism works. Building bridges is the only way to defeat our common enemy. I never should have said ALL, or NEVER… but like everyone else on earth, I used generalities and that is ALWAYS WRONG!
I should have said “I find some gay people care little for issues that are not about them, and are ignorant about how CLASS is the real divisive issue, even more than race, religion or sexual orientation.
I should have said “Many people, gay or straight are narcissistic and this culture thrives on that being the case.” I should have said “many people, gay and straight care nothing for the suffering of the poor people in this country.
Like Jesus said: “by their works you should know them” My works are there for all to see… speaking of Jesus…”Let those without sin cast the first stone“…If you are a decent person you should learn to accept an apology. I have given mine for using generalities, and for causing pain in any form. I do take offense though at the number of self righteous people (gay or straight) who get off hammering away without let up on someone who has honestly set straight their mistakes. The ability to feel mercy is what truly makes a decent human being I think. I extend mercy to those who would rather be angry than forgiving, it’s not a good way to live and is bad for the soul!