I Now Have The Answer

The man on a horse…I saw a man on a horse floating in the air at age 3. It is in my first book…The man on the horse passed on a thought to me, and he promised me that one day I would have an answer to my every question. I now have the answer that satisfies me. It is that God is in the unified mind, and the unified story. God is God and no other. God is One and God has Won. There is nothing but God’s Will, and we are aspects of that One Will. Some of us play devil’s advocate, because we listen to the devil too much. This is the truth, (remember this) the truth is FACT…PROVABLE FACT IS GOD, NOT UNPROVABLE BELIEF!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN DUPED BY YOUR RELIGIONS TO BELIEVE FALSELY…GOD IS TRUTH, GOD IS SCIENTIFIC FACT!!!!!
THE FACTS ARE THUS: the planet is dying and the rich are starting to plan their communities on other planets, this is a fact!!!!! They can do it too with biodomes. They will be taking your monies with them, as they need it to start shit on mars. your god, who is a living being….S/HE IS YOU!!!!! the devil is you too… choose which master you serve!!! fiction is not fact! fact is fact and cannot be disputed.. the sun is our savior!!!!!