2007 February

28 Feb: The Snake in Sheep's Clothing


The seemingly wholesome, forced obsession with one’s family is at the root of the horror in the world. When we can value other families at least as much as our own – lasting peace will break out everywhere.
The ancient advice about loving your neighbor as you love yourself isn’t a sugary, naive suggestion – it’s solid unified field science that would guarantee peace and security to the Earth’s people.… Keep on reading

22 Feb: Going Crazy in Public

britney spears and all you other young ladies that are going crazy in public. been there. done that.
Tip: remember every so often that you are being used by a huge woman hating business…Advertising… that sells every image they can get of you, and by karl roving you (shaming) they can now actually orchestrate your suicidal death, and won’t that sell more tabloids.… Keep on reading