Going Crazy in Public

britney spears and all you other young ladies that are going crazy in public. been there. done that.
Tip: remember every so often that you are being used by a huge woman hating business…Advertising… that sells every image they can get of you, and by karl roving you (shaming) they can now actually orchestrate your suicidal death, and won’t that sell more tabloids. Being shunned and cast out after having been embraced is really scary. You are being targeted so to take the real stink off of what our government, left and right, dem and rep have done to the people you call your fans…the increasing number of whom cannot afford to buy your product, because they have to choose between your album perfume or such and heat or food. You do however possess the ability to inspire young girls…but to do so is wrong I think, since there is absolutely nothing good in the pop culture at all.
Let’s turn our backs on it, all of it.