We have no army at all here in this country to protect us in case of terrorist attack….isn’t that interesting? That’s homeland security for you…the entire army deployed and unavailable for disaster protection. Yet still our senate and the representatives stall. The money we could have spent on schools and health care has all been robbed and put into private pockets. I can smell marshall law coming to new orleans and then everywhere else. I am a patriot. I want america for americans, not globalists like bush/cheney who sell arms and make money off of blood. We need to abandon the middle east completely, until our demands of israel to make peace and the arabs to take care of their own people on the billions and billions of dollars they make selling us oil are met. . They have enough to solve the palestinian stateless problem, and so does Israel. We need a reversal of reagon borrow and spend, and to deny china access to our markets, until they meet our demands for human rights, the thing that america used to stand for in this world. I want a return to the values that made this nation great…equity and justice and fairness and opportunity… I am running for president on that platform. If you want me to win, vote for me. I am not spending any more money on ads or fighting. I offer myself and I will make sure the job gets done, and done right. I know the answers. I am a grandma.