2007 January

30 Jan: Ronald Reagan

I am struck by the Right’s need to resurrect their hero, the hollywood actor named Ronald Reagan.
They are globalists who care only for the dollar and less than nothing about America, or its people.
Reagan destroyed the working people in this country, and he did it on behalf of wealthy growers in California who would prefer that this land be divided into servants and the served.… Keep on reading

25 Jan: If Bush is Right…

In response to the What If?? post yesterday, Dan Kelly writes:

If Bush is Right…
…then I hope his nukes can close the holes in the ozone layer. That worries me more than his trigger finger, to be quite honest. I worry less about our country being blown to smithereens than I do about the entirety of the world slowly roasting in a man-made environmentally catastrophic rotisserie so big even Ronco couldn’t dream it up.… Keep on reading