God is Reality

Focus and breathe. Change the energy. Look up just until your neck hurts, then look down. The act of just looking skyward/heavenward into the sun causes chemicals to do good things in your brain. (this info is free and comes with no minister/molesters attached to it). This is a good way to change the energy in you. Too much positive is as dangerous as too much negative. Both of them obscure reality, which is GOD.
God is reality: We are in a war to the death over oil that is just about to end. Oil will be nationalized, no matter how many americans die. Bush knows this, and so is about to launch WW3, the War over Water, just getting set to begin. While we were distracted by porn and the bloated non issue of gay marriage, our corporate rulers won the right to privatize our water. In other words, we are going to have to pay for clean and drinkable water real soon…even to bathe in…it will cost as much as halliburton wants it to cost. (look it up at acorn.org)
The place formerly known as the united states of america is no more. The will of the people has absolutely no bearing on the government in any way, whether by landslide, or stolen election. It does not matter what the people want. Taxation without representation.. welcome to communism! What we felt we had the right to waste and has caused lack on the other side of the planet, is now gone.
The Draft is coming, get ready slackers…you will be living with your parents, getting ready to go to iraq, or maybe venezuela, who knows, and unable to afford an apartment, who’s average price per month will be 6K. Your jobs at fast food restauraunts will make that impossible. But you will console yourselves with your porn and your celeb gossip, and your “spirituality” will allow you to embrace all materialistic things, while you call the black poor in the inner city ghettos unworthy of your support, and play your tv/video games until your neighbor comes in and just ends your life because you are the wrong color, party, religion, sex, sexual preference, caste, opinion, nationality.

may god grant us swift and painless removal.