pi lovers:
They have just identified anti-matter and photographed it! What was concealed is being revealed by the goddess! Here comes immortality! It’s introduction will change every conversation. How will we feed all the people, when no one dies? How will we thin our herd? Will women continue to congratulate each other and themselves and throw baby showers and big family celebrations around unchecked fertility? Will they still stand around complaining that men do not “do their share”? Will some of the smarter ones get neutered early, and neuter their progeny at birth, like circumcision? I imagine women will do as they always do… heckle blame and complain, and nothing else, as they and their children get thinner and poorer and more “supportive” of each other’s impotent victim hood, as is proscribed by the “churches” who run the soup lines and the burka-making factories. Wow, the balance will be tipped between the overweight and the starving, and the starving will outnumber the overweight 3-1. EAT THE FAT PEOPLE FIRST!!!! WE ARE THE MOST TENDER.
January 31, our call in show will be about who is behind 9-11 and why…call in if you have a theory!!!