The Forum is For Solutions….

I do not want to spend my money on a forum for people who cannot communicate without personally attacking other people. This place exists at my personal expense, to serve as an alternative to all that patriarchal-hierarchal bullshit.
If you cannot discuss without name calling and cannot hear without minutely dissecting, and cannot join because of your addiction to tearing things apart, then take a break.
I want this place to be about discussion, and debate. Debate and discussion cannot exist when personal prejudices rear their ugly heads. It takes brains and guts and restriction to get your own ego under control long enough to hear another human being. Most people have only a limited supply of those things, and revert to their well-worn attack responses when their intellectual references run out.
Take a break and replenish when that happens. The minute you feel you need to correct someone else, know that you have reached the limit of your powers. Take a break…
Try again later to grow, to reach, to hear, to make peace. The minute you feel attacked, take a break too…resist restrict …this is a great exercise that americans know little about…also know that pushing people’s buttons is an impotent form of aggression that leads nowhere.
Enter RW only if you dare.
Some people here will be removed and put on a “time out” when they try to join up to bully up on people of different views. (including pm-ing and girlish cliques.)
It is funny that most of the people who have been banned for bullyism here, are female.
People who find fault with others have not spent enough time on themselves, seriously. All need to stop looking outward, and look inward first second and last. Then communicating is alot better, easier and more just. If someone pisses you off, then do not respond to them. Try that a while, that is the true test of a rational human being… we’re looking for solutions, not factions!!!!!!!!!

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