Bring the Hippies Back

I like everyone’s call for a summit…I think we “boomers” (richest, largest, most powerful segment of society) should have a “LOVE IN“! The hippies were right about EVERYTHING!!!! Let’s have a thing like “burning man”.. where we all gather and express our aquarian ideals (peace, mindfulness, feminism, co existence, mental balance, spirituality) and call for the end of this illegal and immoral war… let’s get peter paul and mary, dylan and baez and everyone back for one last shot at “the establishment“… we are older and wiser now, and realize that our ideals, ideas, hopes and visions are what this government has worked hard to destroy for the last forty years.. and they can no more do that than the weapons they built with our kid’s education money can win against rock throwing “insurgents” in the middle east… you guys know that this is how tiananmen square’s revolt of the individual started, (online) don’t you? Of course, that was followed by crushing opposition, but ended up in more freedom than has been seen in that part of the world for centuries…let’s do it!

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