2006 December

26 Dec: Kaballistic Meditation and Ego

kaballistic meditation requires only running your eyes over a page of the ZOHAR for five minutes. You can find many ZOHAR pages on kaballah.com. You do not need to believe anything, join anything or give any money. It is the easiest of any meditation out there…and it has been made so to further the cause of people discovering the power of their mind’s eye to focus, synthesize and join together to bring acquarian grace to this planet quickly, as that is our only hope at this time, to turn from ego to sharing.… Keep on reading

23 Dec: Meditation is the Kingdom of God

This is what jesus actually taught:
meditation is the kingdom of god. through its mastery, laws of nature can be harnessed. Through sharing energy, the need for food can be decreased. Disease even death are curable, and learning to live with less is the godly path.
why fight it, get on board, talk less, analyze less and synthesize more.… Keep on reading