2006 December

29 Dec: Living Only by the Sword

I think the truth is that those who “believe” in the classic sexist/antisemitic and racist Jesus’ myth can never ever come out/recover from the violent and mind bending child abuse that is required to make a “Christian.” they show great fear and trepidation toward any scientific fact/alternate opinion that challenges their predigested off the rack “faith”…which is actually nothing more than terrorism and brainwashing.… Keep on reading

26 Dec: Blown Away by Writers

I just treated myself to read the writings page and I am blown away!!! I am going to ask for permission to show my agent these things! I want to do an anthology with my own blog writings stories here.. thanks to all contributors, my god, my dream came true, to host home for storytellers, and I got too busy til now to read it..… Keep on reading