Writing Again

writing…is waiting for the beast to come, and when it does, it comes arrogantly, it strolls and circles and stalks before it overtakes and like a ghoul crawls up the back to sit hunched over the shoulders, whispering vile words and praise into the ears of its victim, the writer.
The writer shakes and quakes and burns and churns, almost sobbing in fear and in awe at the temporal transcendence carrying her up to the highest ignited point possible…
Then it disappears at its own whim, leaving only fetishes behind. It crumbles your brain in its fist like a piece of paper filled with mistakes, and drops it to the floor. The thirst for its return never is slaked.
You have all inspired me to begin writing again, after a dry spell lasting years. I thank you all, esp. those of you who have been here a while and are also developing your writing here…. I will post the first few pages of my new, and third book here. I am planning to add some of your work in it too. I am proud of your company, and your various techniques.
Best of all, for me, since I am a comedian, is that I am funny again and in a new way now…finding your voice after losing it is hard hard hard…the beast closes one eye and laughs, lapping at my hollows.