Living Only by the Sword

I think the truth is that those who “believe” in the classic sexist/antisemitic and racist Jesus’ myth can never ever come out/recover from the violent and mind bending child abuse that is required to make a “Christian.” they show great fear and trepidation toward any scientific fact/alternate opinion that challenges their predigested off the rack “faith”…which is actually nothing more than terrorism and brainwashing. At the basis of their belief is a hatred so rank, so vile so impotent that to actually face it would require the melting down of everything inside them that is alive/thinking at all. Thus their need to destroy everything that makes sense, everything that is good about humanity and everything that is about truth and unity. For the jews, it is the same, and for the arabs too…just a bunch of lost hateful separatists who respect absolutely nothing, including god, and who live only by the sword…watch them die by it now too.

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