Boomer Posts

I looooove the boomer posts!!! In my act I say, we baby boomers are the only generation that did not try to make the world a better place for its’ own children.
Kabalistically, we are the reincarnates of those who saw god on sinai. The few women at that time that refused to give their gold nose rings and earrings to be melted down into the golden calf, are back now to usher us through the coming apocalypse. That is the story I am married to, and why I created rw. Our own golden calf enslaves us, and we are torn by ego and by evolving notions of Utopian thought. The hippies were right about everything, and let us not forget, the “left” was hunted down and destroyed, door to door in san francisco, shot dead through the heart… like a phoenix, we rise, always, we rise, the thought of sharing resources and wealth will always be the enemy of priests and politicians. As soon as we practice what we preach, all that we are against will be gone..that’s my sense of it!!

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