Call-In Show Was a Hit…..

Please watch my after death special in the video section, and watch my friend filmmaker tawd dorenfeld, who’s film was just kicked off of myspace and picked up by nbc in the video section too.
The call in show was a hit! I got both of the men to agree that co-existence and democracy are the solutions to the arab israeli conflict, and that women will provide the solution, and that this whole middle east thing is about women and their hatred for one another, which comes from sarah and hagar, both abraham’s wives who despised each other. After sarah died, abraham remarried hagar and had more children with her. The jews and the arabs are cousins still fighting over who’s mother was most beloved by abraham.
Neither of these men with me on the show tonight really knew this story of the bible, and I believe that when it is told from the women’s perspective, everything will change.
The bible is a herstory of matrilineal warfare, and I will continue to write on that subject.
Many jewish women have been doing this for almost fifty years now. The bible is much better when you hear the real story from the women’s pov. I am translating those stories into english and have been for years.
I will tell you more, but reread my old archival stuff; a lot of this type of info is there.
Thanks…(uberchick talked about writing the bible for is already written, and I have been translating it privately for years, and now am doing it here, for all to see. It is awesome to liberate esoteric and mystical judaism from the priest class and pass it to the women in the streets, as did my teacher, Jesus.