My Holiday Letter:

HI! Well, this year I over planned everything and then cancelled it at the last minute far less than other years. I continue to sit and write and read at my desk and go slowly crazy, until I have to force myself to interact with real live people besides the ones I birthed. My social life consists of talking to strangers on the internet, and going out with gay guys every few weeks.
I try to get my fantasies in line with my realities daily, and I continue to sag age and wrinkle more each day. I am indeed wet where I used to be dry, and dry where I used to be wet. This getting old shit sucks.
It sucks too that everyone is doing my act now, and so when I do it, it looks tired and old. rosie o’donnell is me, and so is oprah and so is madonna and so is britney and kevin. The one unifying principal in all my affairs is the overeating of carbs, which brings me untold joy and endless hours of fun. That mixed with hating the government makes for a rich full life, or at least an excuse for one. In the next year I plan to travel more, and build my bamboo witch dream house, as well as dance naked in high heeled shoes when I am not drunk and alone.
merry merry to all and to all a good high!