The Ultimate Listener

Reading the posts from uber chick makes me think of the great Valerie Solanas, who wrote the SCUM MANIFESTO…(s.c.u.m. means the “society for cutting up men“).
It’s out there, but full of wonderfully brilliant/ironic iconoclastic ideas, such as; Doing away with money altogether, instituting barter instead, and implementing full automation for every service that exists, and allowing males free porn and girlie shows to keep them otherwise occupied, until their ultimate suicide, and removal from “groovy society“. She says that only males who worship females will be allowed inside it, as drones.
Some say she died penniless in a mental institution, and her mom says she died in san francisco comfortable to the end. She shot andy warhol, and hated him because she felt he was a vampire that stole artists ideas, and he is her model for the ultimate male offender. It is so hilarious though, and in many ways, mothered the entire feminist movement. My fave quote of hers “men will swim a river of snot and wade knee deep in vomit if they think there is a friendly p***sy waiting for them on the other side“. You can see all of her concepts were lifted in the movie “soylent green“. You should read that book, it is prophetic, especially the free porn to subdue males part.
I think women should not charge for sex, but for listening. There is no valuable thing that female approval did not hasten, and allow. Males are dying for “big mama’s” approval. Patriarchal thought severed that need and colonized it. Women’s ultimate value lies in the restoration of shekkinah (goddess) energy to the male. Any religion or spiritual practice that does not speak to this male need is pornographic at its heart. So it is, that in the world now, women service a male god, because they worship the phallus rather than the chalice.
The male’s re-connection with the goddess, will bring enlightenment and peace, and that is why I asked for twelve male meditators. She is waiting for her sons to open the door. She is the ultimate listener.

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