Extra Energy for Self Transformation

Tonight, according to my tribal elders, (friday-sat) is a time when a window is opened in the cosmos and extra energy for self transformation is available. If you just think about that during that 24 hour period, you will automatically connect to that energy pipeline. You will be surprised at the solutions and thoughts that clearly occur to you all through the week as a result of connection. one second of clear meditation during shabbat brings extra spiritual energy to the combined soul of living things. I am off to my daughter’s baby shower, home sun eve.


Shout out to madonna and my friends at the kabballah center who are making a difference in malawi. I have seen the difference. let’s make it happen in America too. Will be sending some good grannyrose energy to my friends at the pineridge indian rez this shabbat!!!
I am getting my friend charlie hill to help us too!!!