As to the Value of Women

Women in my opinion need to stop having babies all together, until all the ones who are starving and orphaned are comforted, otherwise, it looks not like a service to culture and humanity to birth children, but a sick demented narcissism that worships the status quo.
Women are in fact being engineered out of the human race, and replaced by groveling unthinking uterine slaves.
Just like they have created chickens that have no heads, and only are egg producing ovary bags hooked to egg retrieving machines in the biological pharming industries.
Hate to wake anyone up, when they are sleeping so soundly, but..everything that grows, swims or flies has already been “pharmed” and its basic genome changed.
White middle class women have been the testing grounds for this all along, and that is why middle class white women have such troubles with infertility these days…they trusted the doctors and took the drugs. No other class of women on earth did. Be aware of what is happening in the world around you.
Women who have been made infertile by pharmInc. pray all day for more babies while the ocean dies, and the ozone of discriminating thought is destroyed above their heads. I believe that women are not the victims, but the architects of matrilineal suicide. Being unaware is a hostile and aggressive act these days!

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