Please Think Before You Comment!!

Soon I will try to answer questions from you all on camera, and to make comments on camera too about the things I read here. I really need you guys to be aware of where you are posting though, its not cool for me to read people changing the subject on my written stuff, because my message and questions are being completely overrun. This really requires thinking before you act, not just clicking and posting, but thinking about where to put things.
I know people want to jump in cuz they are getting ideas, but leave what I write alone. if you cannot specifically comment on it, post in general or spiritual, maybe we will add a new one called: Economics, or Women’s Issues.
Any call for action seems to bring up the subject of women and prostitution. This is not the first time I have seen it! Prostitution is a subject of women’s power for sure!!! It is also a way to contain women’s power and control it. Keeping money from women insures that prostitution will continue, just like keeping birth control and abortion unavailable to women insures that they continue to overpopulate the planet with more cheap degraded child labor, which everything runs on now.
Get past it, the real deal here is that money is the only meaningful thing and that it is also the only holy thing, really.
The collapse of the monetary system is coming, and after all the rape and genocide that will cause (a more violent way of redistributing the wealth, basically) barter will take its place, and in that goddess inspired barter system, women will trade sex for whatever they can trade it for.
Women need sex more than men do. We are much more vain, and need something by which to measure ourselves against other women. Until the goddess institutes her barter systems, we women will continue to spend large fractions of our unequal earnings on cosmetics and diet products, and that is because the idea of women being valued for sex has passed. It is the other way now.
Men are charging for their sperm now, have you not noticed that? Women are unable to stop their addiction to sperm, and the false belief that it will be freely supplied if we continue to grovel at the feet of a male god.
I specifically asked for twelve men who know how to meditate to join me.
My words are worth hearing. They are new, and unavailable anywhere else.
They write themselves.

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