On Political Correctness:

Aside from marxist theory and right wing rhetoric, the facts are thus:
More than half the world is starving, and about ten percent have 87% of the food and resources. The fattest of the fat sitting on mountains of hoarded food and resources are totally to blame for those who are starving. It is no accident or will of god, it is planned and directed by piggishly addicted people and also totally solvable.
I am attempting to cut through a lot of paralyzing thought posted (incorrectly) on my blog comments…(should be moved to “politics”).
When “thought” itself can be directed in such a way as to stop people from acting in their own interests, then the true role of religion and politics becomes visible. Both of those things are only the front offices for big money.
Also, it seems that directly after the “disaffected left-leaning ethnic” writers try to dispel the notion of cross-racial unity,( after seeing it for thirty years now), the discussion of “political correctness” appears.
I am amazed at how “spooking by the passive voice” (mary daly, gyn/ecology) is so unsubtly employed when the idea of direct social action is introduced.
Those of you still alive from the sixties know what I am saying. Big brother is indeed watching you, and he often looks like big nurturing sister. (same thing different day).
Let’s start moving the money from the rich to the poor, because it is necessary and nothing else will work.
Let’s document on camera how actually easy it is to do that. Let’s ask a few rich people to share some money with the needy, not in africa, but in LA.
Let’s fill our heads with that notion and let it sink in. I will put up some of my money so I can be first. I will walk it down to skid row and film it and then post it here, just so people can stop talking and see that action is what brings change, not group agreement or disagreement, but ACTION, something americans have totally forgotten about, because they have been lulled to sleep by talk of god, who is conspicuously absent when the rubber meets the road.

Jesus is coming and she is not jesus.

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