Recommended Books

The book I most recommend to help people get some real good knowledge of hermetic wisdom is the kyballion, a small blue book written by “the three initiates” Also, “Innerspace” or anything by aryeh kaplan. Rav Berg’s work is good too, but very very deep.
Johnny’s second choice for anyone out there is “In the beginning was the end” by oscar merth, and we both love “the book of the subgenious” by the subgenious foundation. I have studied esoteric texts of comparative religions and Kaballah for almost forty years now, starting at age 13. I do not recommend any of that unless you are thirteen right now, otherwise, it will take too long. A short cut to all the liturgy I have read is in the sermon on the mount by jesus (Joshua bar miriam).
The greatest book ever written on any subject on earth according to me is “Gyn/Ecology” by Mary Daly, and it is to my great honor that I had her included in the women’s issue of the New Yorker that I guest edited in the late nineteen nineties. (Along with Amy Sedaris whose work I also admired). When I began to guest edit, Maureen Dowd called not just for my head, but for Tina Brown’s head as well. A black woman writer named Jamaica Kincaid referred to me as “white trash” and quit the mag altogether, along with a couple other assholes on the new yorker dole. I was devastated at the lack of respect I was given by media – women despite the fact that I had fought like a dog against the network’s campaign to muzzle any female message in the prime time media, and WON, at great cost to my nervous system and my family life, and my sanity.
That is when I realized I actually could not count many women as my friends. Not many women in higher more powerful positions know a whit about the struggle for female identified figures of divinity that has raged the globe for at least twenty centuries.

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