Continuing to Broadcast

I have decided that to the best of my ability I will continue to try to broadcast from this website the things I have seen coming to this earth. I want people to know what I have seen, and to be able to enter into a place of heightened awareness, without which things will become too frightening. Also, I want to encourage people to really seriously begin meditating, it is the way to reach the heavens, and provides a real solution to panic, mental illness, fear and hatred, and wrong action. I was told by my teachers that this is something I must do for other people. I am doing it at my own expense, and I intend it to be of service to all who are searching and feel they have found something here. the things I write and talk about are for adepts, and people who have studied for years, they are not easily understood by new seekers, but they can find things here also that can help them discover the energy of light.

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