2006 December

31 Dec: Writing Again

writing…is waiting for the beast to come, and when it does, it comes arrogantly, it strolls and circles and stalks before it overtakes and like a ghoul crawls up the back to sit hunched over the shoulders, whispering vile words and praise into the ears of its victim, the writer.
The writer shakes and quakes and burns and churns, almost sobbing in fear and in awe at the temporal transcendence carrying her up to the highest ignited point possible…
Then it disappears at its own whim, leaving only fetishes behind.… Keep on reading

30 Dec: Black Holes

Quantumarai Eve is a black hole in time/space… mythologically she is the declawed clone of Lilith. Lilith is the actual hidden female face of the once removed from male Eve. Lilith is like Kali, and other goddesses before her, a powerful destroyer. She has the last word while men sleep. She, like all goddesses was a focal point to keep the women in line, as they feared she would kidnap and kill their newborn male babies.… Keep on reading

29 Dec: Pi Lovers

To the pi lovers on here…here’s a little recipe for you…the hebrew alphabet includes 22 letters that have each a musical note and a number. This allows the following calculation:
                                   god is one god
                                                 god is ONE/WON
                                   mankind is the golem of god
                                          god is our father
                                               he created us
out of a petri dish
                                                     in his
mother’s kitchen from his
        he to impress his mother went
              mad trying to re-create her.… Keep on reading