Domestic Goddess – Part 3 – Living in Interesting Times

I remember my dear friend, the woman who taught me about yoruba and africa disappearing for days, especially after the one time when she hid in her basement under a pile of dirty clothes, and was miraculously not seen by the mormon fbi agents who kicked in her door and asked her lover if she knew her whereabouts. Bella said no, and Chi just happened to be downstairs washing clothes when they burst in yelling, “get down Negro” to bella, Chi later said “what are the odds that my 250 lbs. would just fit under a pile of laundry? I can’t believe they didn’t see me there, or at least hear my breathing, or my pounding heart!
What the fuck did you do I asked? She got quiet like she did when she was serious and she said “I tried to educate Black Children in Oakland.” That was when I knew I was cursed, and indeed like the Chinese say, living in interesting times.
I guess the goddess wants me to be out here still.” she remarked, while turning the world over in her mouth like cud.
I said “Let’s go check out that woman’s group by the terminal annex, that group of witches there, and see if they want to join up with a bunch of black latina lesbian jews“.
Chi: “yeah, maybe this women’s movement could use some goddess energy.

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