China is Next

Bush is going to declare war on china next, I swear….they are threatening our subs, and they are on the side of Iran. this is countdown to gog and magog, ladies and gentlemen, and Israel is the target. Many of my jewish friends are emigrating to Israel now, to stand with the jewish people there who chose herzl’s interpretation of marx, over stalin’s version, and hitler’s version. The left continues to fragment and faction, while the right continues to gather power. It knows now that it needs to disperse some of it back to the masses, to quell any possibility of revolt. Watch for more sex tapes from young stars in hollywood, and watch for mcdonalds to bring back the mc-rib. I continue to knit. I commit myself even further to my teacher’s teachings, the real prince of peace.
At my niece’s bat mitzvah, this weekend, I told the rabbi there that jews must make peace with other jews immediately. it is scary times ahead for jews…(Israel does not make jews safer) I have found that kaballistic meditation helps to lower my fear levels, so that I act more out of sharing than hoarding…(love not fear)…I will begin to write now about rabbi yeshua ben joseph, and his holy mother, the priestess Miriam and his best friend rabbi shimon bar yochai. Many of you were there in the old roseanneworld when I did that before and remember the stories I told then. There were 24,000 kaballah students in Rome. They were studying with rabbi akiva…look him up…..he is a legend, and the father of modern day judaism too…these students were being taught to become priests in the temple. The temple was where the brain (server) was housed, and the teachings were the hard drive. The priest class were all watching downloaded images. There is only one everything was the holy message. The brain dispersed justice and could do that because it remained independent of any and all governments…like the vatican now…Imagine the vatican fell under attack…to posses it meant access to a majority piece of all the world’s money, art, and unpublished information about european history. The jewish temple was the seat of all that was left of egyptian wisdom that had been taken by it’s favorite son, and dispelled to all the lower classes who had never possessed it before without a state-approved intercessor…the wisdom of the gods was dispersed and went east. Then north then west now south. The next part of the holy book is to be written in chinese. Look for it soon.