While the half wit pundits explain what the vote meant to them, I want to add my two cents worth too. I have heard people say that the vote meant the dems have moved right, that the moderate republicans are the ones who got voted out and that the new dems that won are actually soft core repubs. This all seems true enough, especially if you are a republican leaning dem like Leiberman is, and like Hilary is.
This is what the vote really means to me:
The people came out to choose the lesser of two evils, as always, since there is no real choice in american politics, and never has been since fdr. That’s just a given. The real deal that went down is that the cabal of the rich was bypassed by taking the working class issue of the minimum wage to the states, where it passed every single time. This represents the will of the people to take this government and the issues that effect the majority out of the hands of legislative body, and into its own hands. The will of the people stood in line, searched through garbage, looked on and over the shoulder of vote counters and others who in collusion with power have subverted democracy over decades and decades. This is the first time that this has ever happened in america. The people want democracy in the USA and the people got it. While they are drunk on the possibilities that brings to them, I vow to use this website for the next two years to preach as much as I can for the next step in the democratic process…New parties and new rules…Libertarian and Green. Repubs and dems are pretty much the same thing and neither of them really represents the will, the hope and the power of the american people. The people know how it works now. This government could actually become of, by, and for the people, which as old Abe Lincoln rightly predicted is the only way it will not perish from the earth. No government that runs like a pyramid scheme lasts.

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