I remember being in Ohio on election day 2004. We were in an Acorn storefront and it was snowing and cold. We knew going in that Diebold would steal the election there, like they had the election before in Florida. Of course we all know now that did indeed happen. People were saying that if bush lost the election, he would very likely declare marshall law. The thing that we all held onto after the election was stolen again, was the knowledge that the American people are good, and in reality they elected Al Gore and John Kerry.
Most of all I remember the tireless work of the black citizens who could see Iraq looming in their future, and who stood in line in the snow with their little kids for up to four hours to vote. I took Buck to Kent State and showed him that this was where the government shot at unarmed students and killed four of them who were protesting against another war back when I was younger. While in Ohio, we talked to people on the street, and in the cafes and bars and convenient stores. Not one of them, not one, supported Bush. Some wanted to vote for nader, but most were kerry-edwards supporters. We were surprised that even the business owners opposed bush.
We were all so disappointed when Kerry conceded, because there were people in place to force a recount, and to expose Diebold for its fraudulent hoax on the state of Ohio and the country. As Stalin said..”it’s not who votes, it’s who counts the votes
The rove/bush/cheney snicker looms large again. Every shabbat since then I have meditated to send their karma back to them… it has energized me. It is so sick to see that everything they do is to deny the people who do the real work that brings the food to our tables, a living wage.
Despite their government’s thieving and lying, the people of Ohio will vote again today.