Incoming From the Goddess:

Yes I am her domestic mouthpiece. Yes I have known since I was three that I spoke for her and yes this is the day of declaration.
I raised this generation, and now I must command it. America your children are diverse in color and nation, and language too. Your children are well versed in the theory of class, which you persist in calling blue collar, or something less threatening than working class. America is full of working class kids that have no future now. Kids, thank your parents. I realize that I must divest myself of all stock which makes money to pay for war, or I am an immoral asshole of the first water, far more sinful than the gay priest, more shameful than the molester even, is one who profits from war and death and suffering.
The lowest beast on earth…the snake! The snake who tempts the woman who tempts the man, and makes them bring innocence here in order to destroy it, and who then calls that obscene act god.
God is goodness….remember to remember to remember that…(those who remember)! (as opposed to those who dis-member).
I saw my work dismembered. I went mad. Then I got even. Then I went mad….then I healed. Now I laugh. Now I help other people…what a concept! Its occurring to alot of people right now that to help is the greatest high of all…but the next step is to figure out how to help with no ego, and that is a funhouse mirror for those of us in show bidness. It comes down to giving away your own money…….