Arnold's a Disgrace!

Arnold Swartzenegger is a disgrace to California and to America. He is a shill for the richest people who mean the most harm to working folks. I was disgusted when almost all of hollywood came out in support of him. His policies that they love to explain as being “fiscally conservative and socially liberal” are bullshit. You can’t create any social policies without money. Instead of taxing the corporations and the ultra wealthy, he takes the money he needs for roads from the schools and the emergency rooms/hospitals. He is about borrowing and his friends will make millions just on the interest of the money they put up for him to paint a fake happy face on crumbling Cali infrastructures. He is starving for attention and approval from rich people.
Though I never thought I would agree with the xtian rightwingers, he is the perfect example of why we indeed need to stop teaching evolution in the schools. He is a musclebound neanderthal and a bullying borrowing bullshitter who sits at the feet of the people who will do anything to destroy unions and any hope for the working poor. (The california growers who put Reagan, the destroyer in power). Jay Leno singlehandedly got arnold elected, and arnold and oprah got bush elected. They should all have to pay their fair share of taxes for that one…I couldn’t think of anything scarier to the rich growers, broadcasters, politicians, and evangelicals than that!!! To have to honestly pay their fair share repulses them, like garlic to vampires.