Today Our Mind, Tomorrow the World

Tonight’s call in show had a lot of problems…we are learning about video streaming and experimenting with lots of technologies…check back and see as things develop.
I sat stunned for a while after the calls we got, because a few of them were so depressing, as it always is to think about or discuss child abuse/mental illness. I think all I can do is to offer the little bit of wisdom and techniques I have learned during my lifetime of trying to heal.
I know what I am saying is not the normal thing…but results are what count, and I have healed from a fragmented dissociative to a highly aware and unified mentality. (NOT PERFECT, but better).
I healed myself from years of study and years of practice in meditation (deep internal prayer). I also had a great therapist, Dr. Colin Ross, who has written many, many books on trauma and dissociation, (check Amazon books) and will write about my treatment soon…Between Dr. Ross, and the power of Kaballah (JESUS’ TEACHINGS) and some flower/plant medications, I no longer feel separate from God.
The most powerful thing that Satan does is to cause children to feel separate from God. He does that by tricking children into thinking that God is outside of them, and that God requires their silent suffering.
How wonderfully healing it was to find out that God in fact requires NOTHING from any human being, and never ever did and never ever will. He/She/It makes itself available to us if we know how to access the energy/spirit/force. WE can do this and thereby END ALL SUFFERING ON EARTH, once we stop fighting over who is right and wrong about cosmic truth and actually access that cosmic truth to heal the entire internal ecosystem….

Today our mind, tomorrow the world.

It only requires a small number of people who know how to access God to join together and transform humanity. Some holy book says only thirteen people are needed to act on/cause the next evolution of human consciousness.
Today’s lesson:

The power of the mind works as a mirror.

If you feel you need an apology from your abuser in order to heal, that means that the direct action you must take in the world is to seek to apologize to someone you have harmed.
To be aware of the damage you inflicted on another person requires all the strength that you will ever have. This is a strength that God gives you and you can find God in your own heart. The fact that you can see yourself as an abuser rather than a victim is crucial in healing.
When you can see your own “sins” you can then activate the power of repentance. That power is the most transformative spiritual armor that exists for us here on this planet. To activate it, you MUST get out of victim mode…Victim mode paralyzes all healing work. Seeing yourself as an abuser, makes the paradigm shift, and “THE EVERYTHING” BECOMES CLEARER…

There are no innocent adults.

If you have ever accepted the dictates of those in power and ignored the warnings coming from the opposition, you have acted cowardly and in compliance with child abusers. Iraqi children are being abused/murdered/tortured in your name, and with your tax dollars. The people of Iraq did nothing to us. We the people of the United States will be judged for the leaders we allow, and for what they do in our name. God wants us to put an end to the suffering of the world’s children.